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Areas of Practice

Our firm specializes in the following legal fields:

VHT has a strong labour law department, Labour law is an essential component of any business and can sometimes create significant costs for employers who do not follow the correct procedure. VHT Incorporated can assist you with all your employment needs, including:

  • Drafting and reviewing of employment contracts;
  • Drafting internal policies;
  • Assisting in dispute resolution;
  • Assisting in disciplinary matters;
  • Assisting in employment related litigation.

We furthermore can assist in in the following fields which includes:

  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Commercial agreements
  • Liquidation and insolvencies
  • Litigation
  • We have a committed team that will provide excellent service to your every legal need.
We attend and appear personally on all our Debt review matters in the courts across Gauteng. We are therefor able to assist every debt counsellor and or attorney in all of these courts. Please refer to the following website for additional information:

  • We have extensive knowledge in the Insurance field as our attorneys worked for top tier insurance companies and attended to their litigation.
  • Our knowledge covers the short-term insurance field that includes motor vehicle collision claims as well as building claims. We furthermore specializes in pothole related matters.
  • Our attorneys have litigated in neighbouring countries that includes Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique and are therefore able to provide you with a wide range of correspondents across the country and neighbouring countries.

We have extensive legal experience in third party claims as well as medical negligence, our attorneys will attend to your best needs and interest to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve after your accident (that was not your fault).